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O Original International

TT Melissaweg 43

1033 SP Amsterdam

T + 31881117111

E info@o-original.com

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Innovator of botteling of local water

O Original active since it started in 2002 in the Netherlands, delivers a unique concept enabling you to use your local water to make your own unique and above all environmentally friendly water. To do so, we deliver systems, sutable for every situation. Wether it's for small or larger scale restaurant, cantine, hotel, congresscenter, meetingspot or company; O Original has the perfect system for you to start with your durable water. To present your local table water as best as possible, we have a large quantity of qualitybottels in all shapes, sorts and sizes. You can even personalize these bottles with your very own logo!

O Original is located with her own sales- and servicedepartements in Amsterdam, Antwerp and Praque. Ofcourse we also have an export department voor the sales and maintanance of the Original Water concept in other countries! The main office of O Original is located in 's Graveland, The Netherlands.

O Original; Innovator in purifying en bottling of local water; Original, innovative and with an authentic product!